Synergy happens when ...Good Works is blended with The GOOD WORD

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That there is Freedom that is promised when we follow God's financial plan found in the Bible?

The widow in 2Kings4, inspired a desire in me to demonstrate how Kingdom Entrepreneurs can bless one another with their talents and wares.

Be refreshed

One of the healthiest things that I chose to make a daily discipline was to listen to messages from heaven via messengers on Earth with whatever means that God has chosen for the day. 

Tonight, I will leave you with this inspirational message. 

Feel free to fill up your vessel with this empowering video. 

Refresh Your spirit!

Community Outreach

During my daily journey through the marketplace in town, I come across many businesses that should be featured. If you are a farmer, a baker and would like to expand your reach, Download the pdf and meet the people behind this mission. If you are a restauranteur and would like to offer fresh produce from local farms and businesses, then you might be interested in finding out more about this week's featured business.

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