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Hello, Hola and ...

Welcome, Bienvenidos

Wondering what this site is about? 

It’s about Leadership (Servanthood).

If you are here, God already started the same work in you that He has begun in me...

I am only an ordinary women focused on the work that God is doing in me so that I can help others in extraordinary ways... YOU can be that too... BELIEVE.

Be refreshed

One of the healthiest things that I chose to make a daily discipline was to listen to messages from people who are already in the place that I want to be in.  

In this video, Dave Ramsey tells it like it is when it comes to money management. 

And he encourages us to be “Weird”. 

Take notes!

Take the first step...

The first step to anything is like taking a plunge into the unknown.  Yet, when it comes to assessing your financial intelligence, taking your first step with a complimentary Financial Analysis, begins a journey with eyes wide open. 

Begin now with this quick questionnaire.  

El primer paso para cualquier cosa es como salir de un avión hacia lo desconocido. Sin embargo, cuando se trata de evaluar su inteligencia financiera, dar el primer paso con un análisis financiero complementario, comienza un viaje con los ojos bien abiertos.
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