Imprint Coffee Roasting Co.

Coming back to Sodus, NY was a blessing for the community...

 (For many reasons).

"In the fall of 2017 we signed the lease and on December 11, 2017 it was the "opening day"

Our passion is our mission every day and that is to serve others while we do what we like to do.  We don't just want to be spectators in our communities or in our workplaces.

 We look forward to making a lasting difference, leaving our "Impression."

The future of Imprint Coffee Roasting Co. seems bright and it's all due to our customers."

Trevor has a way of combining humility, passion and expertise that is obviously creating a bright future for his family. 

Although, we appreciate him acknowledging his customers for his bright future, I believe those of us who have experienced the welcoming ambiance of Imprint Coffee Roasting Co, will tell you that Trevor's purposeful Coffee Shop and delicious coffee brightens our day every morning. He is a beacon of light with a positive place to work for our young adults and provides a great place to meet up for homework and coffee with friends.

Para continuar su paseo por nuestro pueblo ...

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