About Me


Here's the thing, it's NOT about me!

This website is about God, His Kingdom .

There is power when we humble ourselves and admit that we still may have something to learn. Age has no bearing on our Maturity. 

The contrast in adversity does. 

Adversities will always come our way, 

it's how we handle them that determine our spiritual maturity. 

I am about demonstrating God's Love as a Disciple Entrepreneur who influences other entrepreneurs to become the same. 

 My goal is to use music as well as education to be that humble example of how broken hearts can be mended to become beautiful vessels that pour Love into others.   


About Me

This MomPreneur inspired 2 entrepreneurial spirits and is blessed and honored to call them her sons.

A MomPreneur is a mom who has to be transparent to her kids when her passion turned business fails and we are searching for quarters for the laundry mat!

A MomPreneur is a Proverbs 31  woman who demonstrates faith in the Lord.

She appears to be tired-less; even when running on empty;

She encourages individualistic greatness in her kids and friends.


God's Marketplace Revealed

God'sMarketplace is also about helping you discover the importance of aligning your heart's passions with God's purpose for your life.  

I think I will just let God reveal how this website will bless our future for those of us uniting together as entrepreneurs networking for God. 

This website will change seasonally as the Spirit inspires me to do. 

Please subscribe and leave feedback. I would love to create a live stream connection. 

Influencer for God

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