About Me


I Strive to be a DisciplePreneur

You might be asking, "what exactly is a DisciplePreneur?

10 years ago, while sleeping, I was anointed in a dream  with the name of SynergyPays. 

I had no idea what the business plan was going to look like, but God did.

I did not set out to be a Disciple Entrepreneur.   However, God has a way of humbling His chosen stewards into dedicating their lives to learning how to become an Entrepreneurs for His Kingdom.

He took me through a journey first. The journey consisted of many hills to climb and many valley that kept me searching for light to illuminate the many shadows in my world.  My goal has been to be financially independent since the day I had discovered the power of entrepreneurism.   But God had a few detours for me to take along the way that would test my faith, my tenacity in His service and my ability to give Him glory, even when my spirit was feeling weary. 


I am a MomPreneur

A MomPreneur is a Mom that demonstrates how to work with a discipline not meant for the weak at heart. 

She is consistent with independent self-accountable schedules.  She is someone who trades the steady paychecks in order to follow her heart with passion.  

A MomPreneur is a mom who has to be transparent to her kids when her passion turned business fails and we are searching for quarters for the laundry mat!

A MomPreneur is a Proverbs 31  woman who demonstrates faith in the Lord even when she has no faith in herself.

She appears to be tired-less; even when running on empty;

She encourages individualistic greatness in her kids; when she questions her own greatness. 

This MomPreneur inspired 2 entrepreneurial spirits and is blessed and honored to call them her sons.

Representing as an Entrepreneur to His admin staff in Churches is a blessing that Inever imagined wo

God's Marketplace Revealed

For 10 years, I have been trying to figure out what God wanted me to do with this anointed business of mine.

 At first, I thought I needed to create the synergy through network marketing for companies.  Failing miserably at that for 5 years, I chose to write about it In my blog and would compare my struggles to that of Jesus.  I mean, He had the hardest time convincing people that He had something GREAT to share too.  And He was in a sense a Networker teaching others to do the same...(His disciples).

Then, after listening to the voice of God one day, I went completely solo (in my personal life as well as in business).

I took a break from representing any network marketing business.  Next, I picked a few URL (.coms) representing where I was going with my new identity, GodIsMyUpline; God'sMarketplace; and MercadoDeDios. As a result to my steadfast focus on God to provide the business plan for me, God revealed my Marketplace. He "re-defined" my Purpose in it and is patiently waiting for me to demonstrate to the world how and why I represent my services to you. 

 I invite you to find out more about how my faithful services offered for you, your business and family. 

 Together, we can light the path for others by working within His economic kingdom.

What I do