Jumbo Fish & Seafood

Hungry for Some Delicious Fish Fry?

You will know immediately that you have come to the right place when you walk into Jumbo Fish & Seafood.

Always a bustling place with delicious aromas escaping outside, one can't help but stop by to see what's on the menu!

And that is when I met the staff at Jumbo's.  I walked in introducing myself as the Area's Aflac Representative and Mr. Peyton, chimed in and told me that they had been very interested and happy to see me there. 

Funny how God works...

Lee happens to be a disciple who loves to cook and has a Secret Recipe for an up and coming famous sauce.  I got to taste this sauce and I do believe he has got a future empire about to explode from this one simple passion of his.... Sauce.

He now graces Mercado de Dios website.