El Mision

Combinando la FE con Nuestro Trabajo.

La misión  
Usar la sabiduría financiera del Reino y la tecnología actual para demostrar mi propia reparación financiera y emocional con una sinergia bíblica que paga en cada campo misionero.

The Mission Using Kingdom financial wisdom and today's technology to demonstrate my own financial and emotional reparation with a biblical Synergy that Pays within every mission field.


A Kingdom Financial Plan

Personal Mission statement ~ To become a vessel for God's glory.  Demonstrating personal development through Financial Intelligence for God's Kingdom with a program that pays you to create synergy for God's Glory .

Inspired Personal Mission


Dicen que cuando Jesús te llama a trabajar para él, no puedes decirle qué crees que no estás preparada para hacer el trabajo.  

They say that when Jesus calls you to work for Him, you can not just tell him that you are not prepared to do the work.

When Jesus said, "Jeanette, time to follow me",  I did.

Cuando Jesús susurró: "Sígueme", lo hice ...

It's a 2 Kings 4 Kind of thing...


The story of 2 Kings 4 is a perfect example of how He began to develop a new sense of entrepreneurial faith within my own spirit. 

  Just like the widow in the story, I was forced to look around and realize that God had blessed me with a marketable gift that others needed.